The Feminist Movement and Linda Tripp

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The Feminist Movement and Linda Tripp

Several weeks back in class we discussed women’s roles in politics today. Linda Tripp has become a political figure whether she likes to think of herself in that manner or not. When you work for the pentagon or in any governmental venue whatsoever you are marked by the lines of politics for the rest of your life. My studies have shown that Tripp has tired to downplay her political role. That was a difficult task when she was posing as the friend of the President’s mistress at the same time as she was recording their personal telephone conversations for Prosecutor Ken Starr’s use.

Linda Tripp therefore plays an important role in the political environment of today’s society. Tripp plays a dual role as a woman and a political figure. She is a person of great name recognition and thus she is a representative of women in our society. I think this is where the problems with Linda Tripp begin. Tripp has changed the political and societal construction of women’s’ role's, as we know them today. Her attempts to identify with other women have only perpetuated the difficulties that women have had with in the political system.

As a young woman in our society, I find it difficult to ignore the impact that Tripp has had on women in our society. I am becoming ever more involved in the political realm and find it very challenging. The class in which we discussed women’s roles in politics in the nineties represented how important and relevant gender issues continue to be within social and political movements. From that class, I remember hearing several persuasive arguments and examples from the women in the class in regards to how difficult it can be to be involved in political issues today. The pressures of being a woman are sometimes subtle and often not felt instantaneously. The need to work harder and do better in order to prove ourselves competent to our fellow male counterparts is sometimes not realized by women until we have reached a personal limit. In reaching that limit we can look around and sometimes I feel we may have lost a lot in trying to achieve some of the same things that men in our society are raised to do.

I think Linda Tripp has reached that limit and has lost personal values. Her fame has not been of positive persuasion to the
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