The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan

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During the 1960’s women wanted to define their own identities in society, whether that is of a housewife role, establishing a career or both. This identity push into American society created the Women’s Liberation Movement for a majority of women within the 60’s. During this period several women stood out as activists to establish safeguards against discrimination on the bases of sex; Betty Fridan, Carol Hanisch and Gloria Steinam. Each activist clearly demonstrated in their tone and message within their articles, books and speeches how to achieve the overall goal to cease the myth that women were fulfilled in their role as housewives. This document will reflect an analysis of sources that substantiates that women wanted to define their own identities within our society and on issues and concerns for family values, women’s freedom to choice, and social change.

“The Feminine Mystique,” written by Betty Friedan aimed to inspire women of all races and age to unite together, to face the truth behind women’s unhappiness with their idolized roles as housewives. The theme was to create self-determination for women and deliverance of society’s status quo. Friedan expressed a range of emotions throughout her writing that demonstrated the injustice women were faced with during the 1960s. The writings of “The Feminine Mystique,” started the platform for the Women’s Liberation Movement by inspiring the truth of the hidden secrets that women were unable to confront. The overall message was to prove that the feminine mystique denied women of their own identities, and the ability to achieve more than a housewife role.

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...ters. The sources let the world know that a women's liberation movement was underway.

Friedan, Hanisch and Steinem all wrote to convey that the only way to overcome the injustices of inequality for women was to unite as a community- as a whole. Each source invokes a similar image of encouragement and struggle. Reading through the writings and the hardships the Women’s Movement faced has allured an overall message of goals and clear-cut ways to achieve them. The events that took place during the 1960s Women movement has allowed for women to achieve political, social and economic rights. The implicit idea was to improve the quality of life for women. Women should have the right to choice and the right to be viewed as a contributing member of society. I feel that women have achieved their own identities in our society in great part to the activists of yesteryear.
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