The Federal Social Welfare Policy

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The Federal Social Welfare policy has gone through many amendment and revisions between the early 1930’s to present date. The policy was originally known as The Aid for Dependent Children. The name was revised as the Aid to Families with Dependent Children, after President Kennedy included families with fathers that were unemployed. In 1996 Social Welfare went thru another large revision under President Clinton administration, the focus was on getting low income Americans working. Clinton signed into law Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, changing the focus of welfare in America to getting Americans working and decreasing the dependency on the system
Federal Social Welfare policy is a federal program that provides income benefits to retired and disabled workers and their dependents and the dependents of deceased workers. The purpose of social welfare was to aid families financially. The basic structure of the U.S. social welfare was established in 1935 with the Social Security Act, which has been amended over time. The Social Security Act of 1935 created a major federal role in the U.S. welfare policy, which was primarily handled by state and local government. While AFDC was principally a federal program managed by the Department of Health and Human Services, it was administered through state-run welfare offices. After several amendments the Federal government eventually gained a larger role in social welfare policy.
The first federal welfare program was Aid to Dependent Children, which was created as a part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal in 1935. The program was intended to supplement existing state relief programs for widows and to provide support to families in which the father was ...

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...nto a life style and its time for new reform. The framework of Social Welfare was to be an aid not a deterrent to work and accountability for one’s family welfare. Reform for Social welfare is once again needed so we can ensure that we are empowering low income families to do better through educational program, job training and money management.
Social welfare originally known as The Aid for Dependent Children. Revised many times between 1935 and 1996 the focus changing from aid For Dependent Children to The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act under the Clinton Administration. These change come to refocus the objective of welfare in America. Trying to decrease dependency and increase Self-reliance, but over time very little has changed in social welfare among the recipients. It is time now for new reform for social welfare in America.

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