The Federal Government Should Fund the Police Forces

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Millions of free citizens around the world have reported misconduct by law enforcement officers. In the United States alone, 8,800 officers have been reported as using excessive force when performing their job (Packman). One of the major causes of excessive use of force by the police is anxiety and rage brought on by low compensation. The police is a force that is meant to protect the people against threats, not to be a threat. Police are not compensated enough for the dangerous job they dedicate themselves to perform each day. The Federal Government should provide a safe environment to properly maintain a lawful country. When police do not perform their job correctly, the environment is not safe. Therefore, the Federal Government needs to increase the funding for the police force to ensure a better, more efficient police force and strive to eliminate police misconduct. Police forces in the United States should receive additional federal funding; the additional funds will create a better economy, build a safer environment, and prevent abuse of the system by police.
The economy, in most countries, is the number one priority. A country’s prosperity is judged on its economic value and the amount of capital that it acquires. Bringing more funds into the police force will give the economy a boost in many different ways. First, funding the force will create many new jobs. “In San Juan and Carolina, Puerto Rico, the federal government provided money for the police force which created over 118,000 new jobs that involve law enforcement” (Walsh). The majority of people agree that creating jobs leads to a much greater economy and can help to get money into the hands of the poor who can not find work. Karen Dillon, a former police chief, stat...

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...ptical view to arise on the police forces around the world (Dillon). Also, the Federal Government could decide the on what the police force can or cannot have, therefore, preventing the force from purchasing any unneeded items and wrongly spending the new funds.
With a strong flow of cash going into the police force, we could create a larger, more effective and safe police force. More branches of the force could be opened up to help solve, prove or investigate crime and with added funds, the police force could obtain an increased amount of technology. Without these things, the police force can not be as effective as it could be. Police are more effective in fighting the crime when they have a higher paycheck. All these added benefits all result from increased federal funding of the police force. The Federal Government needs to fund the police force much better.

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