The Features of the New Deal

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The Features of the New Deal

Roosevelt was elected in 1932 after the former president Hoover.

Roosevelt's New Deal was a group of different projects to pull America

out of the Depression, and back into the economic boom of the 1920's.

The New Deal consisted of direct government action which followed

Rooselvelt's campaign based on fireside chats, the establishment of

alphabet agencies and the pursuit of new social and economic

programmes, which were the complete opposite of Hoover's Laissez Faire

stance. Roosevelt not only promised to take America out of the

Depression, he also promised to do it within 100 days.

This brought hope back into the American public. To start off with, he

closed down all the banks, and set up an Emergency Banking Act, to

make sure that the Wall Street Crash would not happen again. His

famous 'Fireside chats' kept everybody calm and up to date on what was

happening. This was especially important as Roosevelt wanted to make

sure he told the public everything he was doing. Roosevelt's immense

energy restored faith in the public, who were tired of Hoover's

laissez faire attitude. He suggested 15 new proposals to congress, and

all were accepted. This was a huge success for Roosevelt.

He then later set up agencies, to work with the public on a smaller

scale throughout America. The Federal Emergency Relief Agency was one

of them. It was given 500 million dollars to spend on the worst

affected people, and the money went to food and shelter. This was only

a temporary means of countering the effects of The Depression.

Another organization set up by the Roosevelt administration was the

CCC, the Civilian Cons...

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... foundation for both industry to grow, and cheaper heating for houses,

further adding to the long term investments for the country. This was

a huge success, and the effects can still be seen today in places such

as Tennessee.

In conclusion, Roosevelt's New Deal was a success, as he pulled

America out of the Depression and, at the same time, made many reforms

that have are still in use to this day. These reforms built a more

stable America, with a stronger social security system. He introduced

the minimum wage, and forced the large industries for better working

conditions. He kept money flowing by raising taxes and keeping people

working. Not only did Roosevelt bring America out of the Great

Depression, he also imposed the correct laws to prevent it, along with

building the basic implements for a successful future.

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