The Fault In Our Stars

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Cancer is such a world-renowned disease that every single person is affected by it in some way, whether it hits you directly or someone that you know. In the movie 50/50, Adam Lerner is in disbelief when he is diagnosed with cancer and does not understand how someone like him who does not drink or smoke could get such a horrific illness. In the novel The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Grace has accepted the fact that she was diagnosed with such a terrible disease as cancer and realized that sometimes life just is not fair, you just have to roll with it. Though Adam Lerner and Hazel Grace both have to deal with many similar negative side effects that cancer brings, they both deal with certain situations in different ways.

The fact that they have cancer causes both Adam and Hazel to push other people away. When Adam was first told that he had cancer he was in shock. He decided to first tell his girlfriend, Rachel, about the bad news. Adam said to Rachel, “You don’t need to stick around for me” and Rachel replies with “I am going to take care of you, I’m not abandoning you” (50/50). Though Rachel reassures him that she is going to be there for him throughout the whole journey, Adam continues to push her away. At one of his chemo sessions, Adam’s new friends ask if they can meet Rachel considering he had been there a couple weeks and always talked about her. Adam tells them that they can meet her after that session but Rachel ends up being an hour and a half late to pick him up. Rachel apologized profusely but Adam would not accept that she was late, he just said to her, “You don’t have to do this, I gave you an out, remember?” (50/50). Not only does Adam push away his girlfriend but he also pushes away his therapist, Katie. At his first ...

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...find a way to hang around and annoy you for a long time” (The Fault in Our Stars 165). Once they arrived back home, they found out that his cancer is much more serious than they expected. They found out that he does not have long to live and that he had the type of cancer that even the strongest could not fight off. After a long few weeks of battling with cancer, cancer won and left Hazel struck with grief. Cancer took away the person that Hazel loved, Augustus.

Cancer is a terrible illness that affects everyone. When Adam was diagnosed with cancer he pushed people away, lost Rachel and became angry. Similarly, when Hazel was diagnosed with cancer she too pushed people away, lost Augustus but instead of angry she became depressed. Everybody has to deal with the hardships of what cancer brings, but it is how people deal with what cancer throws at them that differs.
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