The Fast Food Industry destroying humanity

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Mcallen, Edinburg, Mission, Texas has the highest obesity rate, making these the fattest cities in the United States. The daily consumption of fast food leads to a significant rise in health problems. The advertisements people see on T.V., streets, and billboards, among many others, are so appealing that they call the audiences attention and convince them to enjoy that greasy, juicy burger. The problem with society today is that they are overlooking the health risks that go hand in hand with fast food. Even though it may be a tasteful meal, in the long run it can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, and even death. Fast food consumers should stay away from those unhealthy choices and instead set a meal plan, exercise, and take a nutrition class in order to reduce their health risks. Planning ahead is always better, therefore, if people would take the time to set a meal plan for the course of their week, obesity rates would be much lower. People would rather find the easy way out, even though it may not be their best decision. They would prefer to buy a big mac at a fast food restaurant. According to Eric Schlosser, “The typical American now consumes approximately three hamburgers and four orders of french fries every week.” That is approximately 2,570 calories in one sitting. This surpasses a normal caloric intake of 2,000 calories. This is why the United States obesity rates are so high. If americans incorporate a meal plan, they can automatically reduce their chances of being obese. Today, “Mcdonald's claims to have sold over 99 billion burgers” ( Are fast food establishment making Americans fat, 2003, pg. 2). This demonstrate that fast food food restaurants are greedy and only care about the money. The fas... ... middle of paper ... ...tand that while you can eat at different restaurants, there should be a balance in your daily consumption. The implementation of constructing a meal plan, doing physical activity, and having a nutrition class will change not only a community but a nation. By taking these measures to eat healthier people will lower their risks of getting a heart attack, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Works Cited Are Fast-Food Establishments Making Americans Fat? (2003). Journal of Controversial Medical Claims, 10(4), 1-10. Jeffery, R. W., Baxter, J., McGuire, M., & Linde, J. (2006). Are fast food restaurants an environmental risk factor for obesity? International Journal Of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity, 31-6. doi:10.1186/1479-5868-3-2 Schlosser, E.( 2001). Fast food nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal . Retrieved from

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