The Fast Food Industry Has Grown Tremendously Through The Years

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Majority of Americans enjoy fast food like bees enjoy their honey. Fast food is hard not to love due to families experiencing fast paced days, parents who work more than 20 hours a week, and having children with picky appetites can be rough. For most American families it can be a challenge to not consider eating fast food more than once a week. The fast food industry has grown tremendously through the years. The one restaurant that is known all over the world for their golden arches and their big macs is McDonalds. *ADD MORE With knowledge and personal experiences, I can say that McDonalds is by far the worst fast food restaurant in America. I believe this due to how unhealthy the food is for our bodies, the disturbing facts about the happy meals, the poor service, and the non-cleanliness of the restaurant. Why is it unhealthy for us. Going to McDonalds as a child is a real treat for most, but the children aren’t thinking about the chicken nuggets they are about to enjoy. The only thing that is on their mind is what type of toy they are going to receive in their Happy Meal. While the children are thinking about the toy, the parents are thinking that this might be one decent meal their child will eat today, no matter how unhealthy McDonalds may be. Not many fast food restaurants offer toys with a meal for such a cheap price. Due to the happy memories made here as a child, this is the way McDonalds attempts to hook children on fast food: “The McDonald’s staple seems to be one of the best ways to hook kids on fast food at seriously young age: Forty percent of children ages 2 to 11 ask their parents to take them to McDonald’s at least once a week, and 15 percent of preschoolers ask to go every single day” (QUOTE). Children become so ... ... middle of paper ... ... a picture of the ants” (QUOTE). It should be the staff’s job to make sure they are providing a clean restaurant for people to eat and enjoy their food. Whereas, not all McDonalds are lacking in the cleanliness department I think most of the restaurants are. I have experienced watching an employee not wash her hands after going to the bathroom. This employee was also the same lady who handed me my food a couple minutes before. After this situation, I swore to never eat at McDonalds again unless I absolutely have to. After all of my personal experiences I truly believe that McDonald’s is the worst fast food restaurant. The food on the menu is not healthy for our bodies. McDonald’s tries and persuades younger children into liking their food by giving them toys. Although McDonalds is fast food, does not mean the customer will receive their food in a timely matter.

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