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Fashion Throughout Generations Fashion is an interesting thing. It is often said that it is recycled. I have even heard people from different generations say “ I use to wear that back in my day”. I find it so fascinating, that I would sit and wonder if the clothes that I am wearing now was once the style of previous generations in my family. Through the years, fashion has been created, recycled and even it even faded away. Have the fashion trends throughout the generations of my family followed any parts of the cycle? My grandmother, Yvonne Fisher, would have followed the fashion trends of the 60’s. I spoke to her recently and she mentioned that she wore mostly dresses. She considered herself the rebellious one out of all her five siblings, which is why she wore her dresses short and showing her figure, as shown in figure 1. “When we were younger Mama (her mother, my great grandmother) use to mek yuh aunt and fimi dress dem, cause we never use to buy clothes dem times. She use to make them big and long, and I did not like them at all…” She when on to explain how she made it her mission to learn how to sew, so she could make her own clothes. She took pride in her different patterns and styles. She said she had a mixture, some plain and some with patterns. Overall, she said that when she was younger, she loved clothes and dressing up. She loves her shoes and small jewelry. In the 60’s women often wore a line dresses and shift dresses. They also enjoyed the trends of kitten heel shoes and shoes with the Mary Jane style, one strap going across the top of the foot. The hairstyles of this decade often included a hump, the bigger the better and headbands were great as well. Later on, when my grandmother started working at the post office... ... middle of paper ... ...tyle. It can be paired with almost any outfit perfectly. Plus, I have always found the shift dresses cute, but I would look like a time traveler wearing them now. My mother’s generation contributed to the 21st century’s styles greatly. Many of our trends today are a blast from the past for my mother. It basically tickles her fancy every time she sees me in outfit like her old ones. From ripped jeans, to acid washed, and from the t shirts to the crop tops. They also influenced a lot of our hairstyles today, mostly black people. In the 90’s they rocked braided (poetic justice braids), straight or even curly extensions, they have picked up from the past and made it their own. These trends have been passed down to this generation, and are still fully alive today. So, yes, the fashion trends throughout the generations in my family have been recycled and have faded away.

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