The Farmer Poet: Robert Lee Frost

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Robert Frost was described as one of the greatest poets in the 20th century and became a sensation for poetry. It is not just his poems that interest the reader, but also his quotes can fulfill your compassion. This quote for example, “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader” (Frost), shows that Frost will not feel a connection with the reader if the reader does not connect with his poetry. Frost presented a poem called “The Gift Outright” at John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration. In order for the audience to relate to what Frost was saying, Frost had to succeed at his connection with the audience. This The farmer poet, Robert Frost was introspective by his surroundings and connected to his readers.
American author Robert Lee Frost was a talented writer whose “work was published in England then transferred to America” ( Born on March 26,1874 in San Francisco, California, Frost attended Lawrence High School. “He had many jobs but they were not satisfying to him so he started writing poetry which became a big success in h...

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