The Farewell Discourse of Jesus

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This farewell discourse, is most disturbing to the followers of Jesus. Their inability to comprehend the Messiah’s going away, back to the Father going away of the Messiah, who according to the prophets will appear to rescue Israel from its oppressors. Ascertain, Jesus going back to His father, the Holy Spirit whose purpose is to appear, in His stead to led and guide them to all righteousness. These confused followers are stun, the first testament prophets speak of the coming Messiah, who will change the present oppressive state of Israel, Never the less, the prophets does not give details or mention the Messiah going away or returning to His father. However Jesus imparts peace on the disciples, commanding the eleven, to continue in their love for one another, continue in all that was taught them, which is the theme of the vintage discourse.
We should begin this essay by deconstructing the term, “discourse.” Exactly what is the meaning, in the hermeneutical sense, of the word discourse? The sole purpose of discourse, written or oral, is to comprehend the situations hidden behind or within the problem being discuss or written. Its purpose is to cause the reader or listener to realize the essence of the particular problem and its resolution. Analyzing the specific discourse will allow individuals to view the problem from a higher stance and to gain a comprehensive view of the problem and seeing how individuals in the 21st century view ourselves in relation to the problem of the first century Palestinian Jesus followers. The true vine discourse will assist individuals to view the discourse from a higher level of awareness, causing the individual hearer/reader to realize the essence of the particular problem, such as the vintag...

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...contrasting himself as the true vine, replace the unfruitfulness of Israel as, The “True” vine. Jesus through the vineyard allegory, identify Himself as the Messianic fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies, replacing the unfruitful vineyard of Israel’s Old covenant message with the “I am” statement signifies His position as originator of the New Covenant and the failure of Israel’s Old Covenant,

Jesus iterate and reiterate the principle importance of remaining in the view, despite the current revolutionary environment facing the Jesus movement

▣ "He prunes it" This is literally "cleanses." The word was used by Philo for pruning grapevines (BDBD
386). It is found only here in the NT. It is another word chosen by John for its dual connotations (i.e., pruning and cleansing, cf. John 15:3; 13:10). This is a present active indicative. Suffering has a purpose in

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