The Family System Theory: Relation The Family Systems Theory

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Rhonda is originally from Chicago, Illinois she moved to Gulfport, Mississippi in 1996 to raise her children in a better environment. James is originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, he has lived here all of his life. They both have children but their children are grown, and have children of their own. Rhonda is the Assistant Court Administrator and Chief Deputy Clerk at Harrison County Youth Court and James is a retired truck driver. Rhonda has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and James highest level of education is his high school diploma and 1 ½ years of college, they are considered your average middle-class couple. Even though they are not legally married, they still address each other as husband and wife in private and in public. Relation…show more content…
Our book states, “A family is not simply a group of individuals who operate or behave independently from one another; rather, a family operates on the principle of wholeness” (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2013, p. 56). Rhonda and James’s situation with Tristian is a prime example of interdependence; their situation shows how one family member’s misfortunes can directly affect another family member. Even though Rhonda and James was not allowed to see Tristian like they wanted to prior to him being taken away from his mother, they still were affected by the chaos caused by her. I believe this is because of the patterns that formed in the way they communicated when Tristian was born. Even though Tristian’s mom was erratic, verbally abusive, and just difficult to deal with, Rhonda still allowed her to drop Tristian off whenever she wanted. I would be first to say they should have set some kind of boundaries to keep Tristian’s mom in check but as I think deeper, setting boundaries with a person like her could backfire. She felt comfortable enough to call Rhonda when DHS was on their way to take her children, if boundaries were set earlier on, she may not have called and Tristian could be in a foster care facility. Interdependence, patterns, and boundaries are all concepts of the family systems theory that should be applied accordingly to the situation at hand. Families may face similar problems but they all handle them

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