The Family Structure Of A Traditional American Family

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“Mommy, why are they kissing?” My mother just smiled and said, “Because they love each other.” I was eight years old, and that was all that mattered to me; not that there were two men kissing, but rather that they loved each other. That was the first time I had truly noticed that not everyone had the same family structure as mine. My family structure at the time was that of a traditional American family: a father, a mother, three children, and three cats. I started to ask my mother what it meant to be gay, and I was curious whether the couple could have children and be married. I did not understand why people were so concerned about it. After all, no one complains when a man and a woman kiss. Why would people complain when a man and a man…show more content…
A family could be described as two heterosexual parents and their children, a single parent and his or her children, two same-sex parents and their children, grandparents or other relatives caring for the children, foster parents caring for another person’s child, inter-racial couples and their children, inter-faith parents and their children, and maybe others I have not even considered. A family could even be something as simple as what my family refers to as a “family of choice:” a situation where a person who is not related by blood or marriage steps into a family role and assumes a position within that family. For instance, in my family, my mother’s best friend stepped into the role of “Aunt Carissa.” As a young child, I remember that Aunt Carissa would often spend evenings at our house helping my mother care for my sister and me while my dad worked nights. She has been a part of virtually every defining moment in my life, such as my pre-school graduation ceremony, my first theater performance and countless holidays. She even attended my sister’s high school graduation. Carissa is completely unrelated to me in any biological sense, but to me she is my Aunt. She was even in the hospital delivery room when I was…show more content…
One family has my mother, her boyfriend, and my two biological siblings, while the other family has my father, his girlfriend, her three children, and my own two biological siblings. With 40-50% of American marriages ending in divorce, this family structure is readily accepted (Marriage and Divorce), and in fact, it is often referred to as a “blended”

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