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I. Introduction “The extent and quality of celebrity news in the media appears especially inordinate today, multiplying and intensifying at such a rate that “legitimate” news has fallen in precedence.” a website author revealed of celebrity news promotion in the media. Meanwhile, Aleister Crowley described Hollywood stars to be “cocaine-crazed sexual lunatics”. Eminent historian Daniel Boorstin defined “celebrity” in his 1961 survey The Image, which he considered American devolution, as a person who is known for being well-known. Moreover, Newsweek contributor Neal Gabler stated that celebrity or fame is a new art form that competes and triumphs over more traditional entertainments such as books, plays, television shows and movies. Out of thousands of these said celebrities, not all were remembered by people. Some shot to superstardom for they had real talent to showcase and had remarkable contributions to the industry as the celebrated actress Meryl Streep and “Hollywood nice guy” Tom Hanks for their impeccable performances. They became popular not because they had sensational or salacious lives but because of their skills that people want to hear or read about. On the other hand, others achieved instant popularity only through what they label as scandals or controversies. In addition, a scandal may be expressed as a slayer of public image of an individual which is based on disgraceful events about his private life while a controversy is a dispute where there is strong disagreement. In Hollywood or the so-called “Tinseltown”, this is when bizarre acts are done or secrets are disclosed through diverse ways. These may include leaked private videos, salacious comments and illegal behavior. Every celebrity has the possibility t... ... middle of paper ... ... Scandal Like Winona Ryder”. E-How. “How To Recover From Scandal Like Mel Gibson”.E- How.. King, Susan. “Sex scandals that rocked Hollywood: Celebrities have a long tradition of lurid acts”. The Calgary Herald. 2009 Oct 19. Gabler, Neal. “In defense of our Brangelina-loving, Jon and Kate-hating, tawdry, Tiger- taunting culture.” Newsweek. 2009 Dec 21. “Lindsay’s Bodyguard Bares All: Her Sick Secret World”. Star. 25 June 2007. Rosenfield, Paul. The Club Rules: Power, Money, Sex and Fear. How It Works in Hollywood. New York: Warner Books. 1992. Cross, Robin and Marriot, John. World’s Greatest Hollywood Scandals. Bounty Books. 1997.

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