The Fallen Brotherhood

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As men fought their wars against one another, the Angels, unknown of by man, were fighting in their own war above them, in the vast sky the Angels refer to as Heaven. The Angels fought with weapons unknown to man, as they had to be powerful enough to kill an angel of Heaven. The Angels who fought for freedom, known as The Brotherhood of Angel Steel, fought against those who wanted control in Heaven, known as The Overseers. The Overseers wanted to take control of Heaven ever since God had left, while the Brotherhood wanted to keep the order of Heaven as God had left it. The Overseers were very powerful, but The Brotherhood had ways of getting around them. For centuries, the Angels fought against one another, for as long as the Overseers lived, Heaven would not be safe. Then one fateful day a new angel was born. This newborn, named Cassander, would turn out to be the most important angel in Heaven.

“Cass! What have I told you about watching the warring angels?” Yelled Belle, Cassander’s mother.

“But Mother, I want to see how the Overseers operate.” Replied the 13 year old Cass.

“That’s none of your concern Cassander, you should not be thinking of war at your age!” Belle replied in a serious tone.

“But Mother, I want to be a soldier to help end this long war!” said Cass.

“Cassander, your father has been fighting in that war years now, I do not want you to go into that bloodshed at your age.” said Belle, suppressing a tear.

“Alright mother, I guess I’ll wait.” replied Cass. They got away from the window from which Cass was watching the Overseers. Little did Cass know that his father was on the other side of that war, he was in The Brotherhood.

Years later, 19 year old Cass received horrible news. His father had been killed ...

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...d the fort-like structure of The Overseers' Headquarters, their squadron of Angels circled around to enter through the back of the building. There were four guards patrolling the entrance. Cassander and Achilles decided to take care of them quietly. They snuck up behind two of the guards and suffocated them, while the other two guards went on their rounds. Through teamwork they defeated the guards without raising an alarm. After the guards were taken care of and their bodies hidden away, Cass and Achilles entered the fortress. They moved stealthily, staying in the shadows as they stalked through the tall, long hallways. As they approached the rendezvous point, two of the Overseer guards charged them. Cassander was the first to notice, and quickly grabbed Achilles and pulled him into a roll in order to avoid the oncoming attack from the, now fully visible, enemy.
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