The Fall of the Persian Empire to the Greeks

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One of the most powerful empires of the day, the Persian Empire threatened the Greeks in 499 BC. The Persian Empire ruled by Darius, at that time stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indus River Valley. Greatly outnumbering the Greeks, the Persians should have easily conquered them. The Greeks were able to defeat the Persians because they united for a sole purpose. This unification provided the strength they needed to win decisive military and naval sea battles. The Greek and Persian war began with the Ionian Revolt.. The Ionian Revolt was a series of revolts in Aeolis, Doris, Cyprus and Caria against Persian rule. The revolts lasted from 499 BC to 493 BC. The rebellions were supported by the Greek cities of Athens and Eretria, who were dissatisfied with the Persian tyrants. In 498 BS troops supported by the Greek city-states marched on Sardis and burnt it down. Unfortunately, this good start was the only offensive actions by the Ionians. On their return journey home from Sardis, they were attacked by the Persian troops and defeated at the Battle of Ephesus. During the Persians three pronged counter attack aimed at recapturing the areas around the center of the rebellion. The Persian’s largest army was destroyed in an ambush at the Battle of Pedasus; this lead to a stale mate for the next year. The Ionian Revolt was the first conflict between Greece and Persia and would later bring upon the Persian War. The Ionian revolt was put to an end at the Battle of Lade, with a Persian victory. After this Darius began a plan to conquer Greece after the support they sent the Ionian revolt. In 490BC Darius sent a fleet to conquer the Cyclades, and then attack Athens and Eretria. Quickly conquering the Eretria, the Persians burned th... ... middle of paper ... ...reeks halted though and turned and began to fight the pursuing Persians. Mardonius was killed in this attack leading to disorder among the Persian lines. Without the Athenian stand, the battle along with the victory would not have been possible at Plataea. A large portion of the Persian army was trapped in the camp. They were slaughtered and the destruction of this army and the remaining Persian navy, ended the invasion. The Persian war was settled at the battles of Salamis and Plataea. This would end all future attacks by the Persians against the Greek states. Later Athens would create the Delian League and start a campaign against Persia. The Greeks were able to come together under the leadership of the Spartans and Athenians to defeat the Persians and drive out. A country made up of multiple City-States unified in order to protect their culture and way of life.
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