The Fall of The Great Roman Empire

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There used to be an ancient civilization called Rome. The civilization was very similar to our great America now. Rome was a large empire stretching across most of the known world at that time. Yet it still managed to collapse from within. America has also been in decline for some time now. Will America fold like the great Roman Empire? Many things caused the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Could these exact things cause the destruction of America too? Even if we knew the causes could we prevent the collapse?
In the 6th century BC Rome was ruled by Etruscan kings. About 100 years later (approximately 510 BC) the Romans rebelled against their Etruscan kings. The Etruscan king’s rule began the culture and direction of early Rome. Brutus, the leader of the rebellion, announced the creation of the Roman Republic. Like America, freedom, liberty, and the dislike of despotism became Rome’s greatest principles. Rome was an aggressive and expansionist state, first conquering central Italy, and then conquering southern Italy. Rome finally came into conflict with Carthage called the Punic wars. The war lasted from 264 to 241 BC being mainly a naval war ending with Rome capturing Sicily. The second Punic war lasted from 218 to 202 BC starting with Hannibal fighting against Rome marching his great army of men and elephants from Spain all the way to Italy. Hannibal won many battles but didn’t have the resources to completely destroy Rome. By 90 BC all of northern Italy was in Rome’s grasp. Next there was a series of wars with Macedon ending with Macedon becoming a province of Rome. All these wars created a huge influx of slaves for Rome. The slaves then created further turmoil by starting rebellions and slave revolts. Spartacus led one...

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