The Fall of Rome

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There are many reasons for the fall of Rome but they those reasons are intertwine with two main categories: economy and war. The Roman economy got so severe that they had to tax citizens and raise prices. Working Roman citizens could not quit their jobs out of fear of going into jail only to be released by death (doc 3.) Romans feared for their life and tried to raise a family on the little bit of money left over after being taxed. This shows that roman government is unscrupulous and cared so little about their working citizens. Thy viewed them as dollar signs rather than people with families. Another example of this in document 2, Rome was harsh on their citizens because of money when the citizens couldn't live off of the little money that was left of their pay neck they decided to leave Rome (Doc 2). As Rome got more expenses prices got higher (doc 6). Romans ended up relocating because of such bad treatment. The wealthy owned slaves who would forcibly do free labor. The workers eventually went jobless and move somewhere else (doc 11). If slaves were taking up all of the work citizens were left to face the punishment for not having any money to tax. A huge number of lives lost due to sickness resulting in an economic drop (Doc 5.) Because of sickness and death the population of the workers kept on decreasing, the only way Rome would survive the loss was to raise the wages. The poor suffered from taxes while the wealthy “is not punished for their injustice”( doc 17).The wealthy’s injustice is that they get to sit back and watch the working class struggle to survive, and living in fear; while slaves do their work for them. Rome refused to change and believed that their ways can be saved (doc 10). With Rome trying to save their ways rather than change them made the citizens suffer and caused the fall of Rome. The economy hurt the people of Rome which destroyed the empire.
Roman military was strong but grew weak and lost power; the loss of military was the destruction of the Roman Empire (doc 8). The military became a joke because of laziness and lack of soldiers they lost more and more wars .Rome started decaying because of it and no one can live in a place where everything is falling apart it just isn’t safe.
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