The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

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The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe

Many political beliefs exist. Everyone has the right to chose what to believe in, what ideas to have, what to seek and how to achieve his goals. Political science is not very defined and strict. Specific rules saying that if one believes in a certain idea he should join a certain party do not exist. Certain things match certain group of people and other things this group of people would not accept. The same principle can be applied for countries. Communism appears to be successful for China, but it failed for Eastern European countries. It is very important the proper way of government to be found and used by the government of a country. The failure of the government can lead to failure in economics, defense, and all other spheres that have importance for the existence of a nation. Russian political leaders governing at the time of communism did not think clearly and they underestimated the negative sides of their policy. They believed that communism was appropriate and successful because it worked effectively for several years but it failed after all. Three of the major reasons for the fall of communism were the suppression of religion, the poor quality of life provided by the government and the command economic system.

What is communism? The political term communism can be found in the online glossary, published by Paul M. Johnson who is a professor in the Political Department in the Auburn University. The definition states that communism is any ideology that is based on communal ownership of all property and a classless social structure. There is an authoritarian government that directs economic production and distribution, and it embodies the interests of the country as a whole. ...

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