The Fall Of Satan In John Milton's Paradise Lost

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In everyday life, there is a common perception of who the devil is. The devil is perceived as the worst of the worst, the most evil and the perfect example of how one should not live. However, in John Milton’s Paradise lost, there is a perception of Satan being the hero of mankind. This is an interesting point, considering the general perception of Satan. Satan being the evil, deceitful, manipulating, and pride filled fallen angel from grace. Milton’s Paradise Lost hints at how Satan’s fall from heaven was the perfect situation, because without his fall, Jesus Christ would not have had a purpose on earth. Others have commented on his fall and actions in Paradise Lost as that of heroic in a way. Satan is not a hero. Satan is necessary for man…show more content…
In a twisted sense, Satan is necessary in our lives to tempt us. Without his temptation, there would be no choice but to follow the glory of God. No living person can live a perfect life like Christ did. This means that man had a definite destination for them, and it wasn’t Heaven. Heaven is perfect and cannot be tainted by people who are born sinners. Temptation is necessary for a fair God, because without temptation, there is no choice for man to make. No choice for man would prove that God is not a fair and loving God, which is directly against the Bible, therefore false in Christianity. Moreover, the existence of Satan is necessary, and to Milton, is the “hero” of mankind. Without Satan tempting mankind into sin and death, the true savior of man, Jesus Christ would have had no reason to suffer and die on the cross for our sins. Without Satan, there would be no redemption of man, and we would all suffer and burn in the lake of fire. So, the need for Satan on the Earth can be described as a necessary component to the functioning plan of God, because without temptation and a fall into sin, there would be no other option besides…show more content…
The choice being a choice between what is good and what is evil, the choice between God and Satan. Because God is loving, just, and caring, He allows a place for evil on earth to test his creation’s obedience and allegiance to Him. But, for Milton to hypothesis that Satan is a hero for being the fallen angel, is a mere overshoot and over-glorification of something that is evil, sinful and demonic. Satan is not the hero of anything, but in a way is a necessary component of the plan that God had for his creation, mankind. For without the temptations of Satan, there would be no need for Christ to come to earth as a man and sacrifice himself on a cross to save us from the fiery pits of Hell. Overall, Satan is definitely necessary for the plan that God has for man, but is by no means the hero of mankind. There needs to be the temptation and testing of man’s faith, which is Satan’s roll, but the true definition of a hero is Christ, because he lived a perfect and noble life to cover for all of man which
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