The Fake News: The Purpose Of Media

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In an opinion article by the Los Angeles Times, readers write letters to the editorial. The reader talks about their distain for the fake news that has been going around recently. They that journalists report fake and misleading stories for personal profit. People today mostly get their news from the internet, some people are more critical on the new stories they read, whereas others are gullible and will believe anything they read. The reader say that a real journalist wouldn’t make up click-bait stories, and would instead be more preoccupied with doing research and reporting the facts. They even compare reporting fake news to shouting “fire” in a crowd (Bramen).
In another letter, the reader also states how journalists only write fake news
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One of the main jobs of media is to provide accurate information (Scarffe). In the case of fake news, journalists are doing the exact opposite of this, where they will either get the information wrong or just completely make it up out of the blue. Another one of their jobs is to uncover corruption happening in our world, which is ironic considering fake news is corrupt in itself (Scarffe). Journalists make up these fake stories only for money, and not for properly informing the public. Fake news can also be called “Yellow Journalism”, meaning only some of the information may be accurate but is exaggerated beyond belief…show more content…
I always assumed people who were in journalism had an intense passion for uncovering the truth and informing the public, but it seems like for most it’s about who can get the most clicks and shares. But I am also confused. Shouldn’t regular news stories get a lot of attention on their own? Why should they need dramatic titles and exaggerated statements to get the people’s attention? The world is as interesting as it is. Has the news media always been about entertainment or was there a time when it was more serious? I can understand drama if there is a big event being reported but now it just seems like news media is

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