The Faith And Our Personal Growth

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As Christians look to further their relationship with Christ, growth needs to happen. As growth happens, Christians become closer to God and can grow in him. Without growth, there is nothing that will allow us desiring a deeper relationship with our God. Growth in both our faith and our personal growth allows us to see the different ways in how God can continue to transform our lives and draw closer to him. The Bible consists of many different stories in which God revealed himself to different people to show his power. The Bible also provides us with ways to live our lives and provide us with guidelines that give us a clearer path of who God wants us to be as his children. This will allow us to walk closer with him providing us with a better chance of growing spiritually. Within the book How People Grow: What the Bible Reveals about Personal Growth, Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend talk about seeing the big picture of who God is and how important it is as Christians to want to grow and shows how relationships with God become stronger when striving to grow closer to him. How People Grow is broken up into four parts in which Cloud and Townsend break down ways in which Christians grow. Paradise Lost, The Master Gardener, Find the Best Climate and The Path of Growth are the four main parts which go into different strategies and characteristics of people and ways they growth both spiritually and maturely. Paradise Lost Within Christian growth, there is four possible models when it comes to thinking about ones own personal growth: the sin model, the truth model, the experimental model and the supernatural model. The sin model is when the majority of our personal struggles and failures cause one to repent and allow them to sin no m... ... middle of paper ... ...r with him. As Christians, these models can also be hard to deal with. Learning from mistakes is a good thing to do, but sometimes getting caught up in moments where knowing what has happened was wrong, but if they stumble again, God will forgive them. God does forgive sins, but if people aren’t changing their ways and seeing that it is a sin, there faith may not be there, or they don’t understand that it is not pleasing to God. The Bible divides up into 3 big acts in which we can relate to what has happened throughout the beginning of time: Creation, The Fall, and Redemption. As Christians begin to explore each of these areas, God is revealed to them and the amazing things that God has done can allow Christians to want to pursue a God who has done so much for us and continues to walk alongside us in every trial of our lives. The Master Gardener: The God of Growth
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