The Failure to Take Action due to a Lack of Courage Physically, Mentally or Morally

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As a whole, people seek excellence and strive to be the absolute best. But procrastination, vices and the lack of willpower often hinder set goals impossible. To further reinstate, there are distractions everywhere which further diminish motivation such as new revolutionary technologies, laziness and the mixed perceptions of vice, virtue and time of the conscious mind. Therefore, it is imperative and of great necessity to utilize the effects of self-discipline, self-control and willpower to their fullest potential in order to end procrastination and amplify motivation.

In today’s modern world, motivation is often perceived to be a mere reward and punishment system. It is believed that people become motivated if a rewarding prize is expected or a cruel punishment is threatened against them. In other words, people affirm that motivation is acquired to its fullest when an extrinsic reward, such as money or an indulgence, is given at the end of a task or when anguish is threatened at the beginning of a task. But on the other hand, according to Daniel Pink, author of Drive, the complete opposite is true. By all means, rewards and punishments are veritably decreasing motivation instead of increasing it. Thus, the ancient method of motivational ambition, known as carrots and sticks, is steadily displacing from its designated purpose. However, although a reward does spark an amount of motivation within the individual at first, over time he will no longer be motivated knowing the promised reward after completing the given endeavor. In fact, the individual may feel compelled to disregard the task altogether. Daniel Pink for example states, after centuries of the continuous usage of the ancient reward motivation system that, “... the existi...

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