The Failure Of Love In Amarantas And Crespi's Love

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As a result of attempting to ruin other’s romantic relationships, one finds themselves unable to reciprocate love. After Amaranta feels wronged and betrayed due to her sister’s relationship with Crespi, she develops a sort of bitterness towards love. As a final means to stop the wedding she wishes for a tragic event to happen in the family. Her wish is granted when Remedios, the wife of her brother dies from implications due to pregnancy. The mourning period for Remedios puts Rebeca’s wedding plans at a standstill, after many months of mourning, their brother Jose Arcadio (II) returns home. He and Rebeca find themselves in a incestous relationship and end up getting married. Crespi’s shock at the news of the new couple cause him to seek solace…show more content…
After Crespi takes his life, Amaranta develops a fear of men due to the actions of Pietro after her rejection. Her hatred towards her sister induced Amaranta to forget how to love, as a result she ends up rejecting any passes from people who love her, in this case rejecting Pietro Crespi’s proposal. Later on in the novel Amaranta experiences a similar end to her love. Her bitterness and fear of men, brought on by Pietro’s death, cause her to reject someone who truly loves her and makes her feel happy. Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, a good friend of Amaranta’s brother, begins visiting the Buendia’s house and courting Amaranta after losing hope with fighting the war. At this point Amaranta is beyond salvation as she always wears a black bandage to represent her guilt over the death of Crespi. Amaranta like always refuses to get close to the man because of her fear and guilt over what she caused the household to suffer. As a result she once again ends up rejecting someone who could have given her a good life, “Amaranta was really making an effort to kindle in her heart the forgotten ashes of her youthful
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