The Factor That Brought Hitler to Power in January of 1933

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The Factor That Brought Hitler to Power in January of 1933

Hitler became chancellor in January 1933. By March he had full

dictatorial power. The impact of the depression on the German people

gave help to the rise of Hitler. It Hitler's biggest help coming to

power, however it wasn't the only factor. Hitler had good speaking

abilities, which helped him win over the public. His use of force with

the SA also contributed in his rise. Hitler also used the weakness of

government signing of the Versailles treaty to bring down the Weimar

Republic. With all these advantages on his side, and with the

depression hitting Germany in 1929, it was just a matter of time

before Hitler would become chancellor.

The depression weakened the Weimar government because: 1.Most Germans

judged their country by its economic success, so it was failing the

presumed the country was too. The Weimar government seemed to have no

idea on how to control the economy. The weimar government had little

success of try to get Germany out of the depression and were cautious

of what they tried to do (they didn't want a similar event to the

hyperinflation of 1923). So the government raised taxes, cut wages and

reduced unemployment benefits, this all led to support shifting to the

Nazis. 2.These policies also caused the collapse because the partners

of it's coalition withdrew. Germany was now ruled by presidential

decree. But the president was an 84 year old war hero, and who seemed

to be well past his prime.3. It seemed that the Weimar government was

making a mess of everything and now people who didn't vote before

started to. These new voters heard the claims of the extremist parties

who claimed they could solve all Germanys problems. The nazis blamed

the Weimar republic, the treaty of Versailles, the Marxist's and the

jews and promised to get rid of "the enemy within". As a result of

1929, Hitler became remarkably popular. He made promises to the

military and to industrialists saying that he would return Germany
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