The Façade of Teenage Dreams

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Teens today are directly influenced by the many number of social media, causing subordinate messages that sometimes remain unseen to many. Television is one of the main influences that surround a culture, bombarding teenagers with messages — some good while some bad. Not only does television have the power to inform and entertain, it is also capable of shaping the beliefs and influencing the identities of young adolescent viewers. Television can have negative effects such as greed, superiority, and entitlement that cause corruption within the minds of viewers, as well as in our society.

Since television is one of the prominent forces of social corruption, it is only natural that teenagers would look to its messages as a source of guidance. Throughout the years, the portrayal of greed within teenagers seems to have become more and more intertwined in reality shows as the generations pass. On shows such as My Super Sweet Sixteen and The Hills which are viewed on the Music Television network (MTV), teens act ignorantly but yet they are celebrated, even idolized, for such behavior.

People may argue that these shows are solely aired for “entertainment” purposes or showing the “rich side of the spectrum”, but the messages behind them are of a pretentious nature demonstrating negative influences of greed, animosity, and selfishness. Even though dramailities are a sub-genre of reality television series, the genre is still being researched. According to Urban Dictionary, “dramility” can be defined as “an evolution of the "reality series" television genre that blends realistic and fictional elements together.” This type of amusement evaluates the underlying messages presented to teenagers in the form of so-called “entertainment”. Si...

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