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“The “F Word”” is a great story of Firoozeh Dumas who opens a wide window about the problems and struggles of immigrants in America. Firoozeh Dumas was born in Iran, and she moved back and forth between her native country and America. She finally stabilized her life in California with her family at the age of eleven. She attended the University of California at Berkeley and got married with a Frenchman over there. Firoozeh Dumas is an amazing writer that is well known by many fantastic writings such as “Funny in Farsi,” “Laughing without an Accent,” and “The “F Word”.” “The “F Word”” is one of her best short stories that deeply expresses the problems as well as the struggles of immigrants in the United States. That is her own story, her own…show more content…
Moreover, they made fun of her name with many mocking names started with letter “F.” While reading the story, the readers as well as listeners can actually see and understand Firoozeh’s feelings in particular and immigrants in general. Actually, I am an international student, and I come from Vietnam. I also have that bad experience when Americans cannot say my name, and that makes me sympathize with Firoozeh.
At the beginning of the story, Firoozeh shows American’s attitude toward saying her name as well as her cousin’s name and her brothers’ names. They purposefully mispronounced and changed it to another mocking names like “Farthead” instead of “Farbod,” and “Fartshit” instead of “Farshid.” That is an insult to that person who they made fun of. Name represents a person, and it absolutely should be respected. It also happened to the author, Firoozeh. Instead of learning how to say her name amicably, they were not going to
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Even though she graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley, she could not get a single interview. However, when she decided to add “Julie” to her name, job offers coincidentally started coming in. That proves that employers in the United Stated are not being fair in recruiting their employees. They just judge people through their name and then decide if they want them. Recruiting someone depends on many aspects, especially their abilities in a sphere of the job. No matter what their name is, as long as they are good at the area employer needs. It does not make sense when someone is rejected just because their name does not sound like American name, or it is hard to pronounce. Actually, I used to read an article about job opportunity when I studied Government 2305 last semester. It shows that Americans, especially men, will have higher rate of taking job opportunities than other people. Employers can see our applications a few days before the interview. The applications with Asian names or non-American names are usually considered as the last choice. They evaluate people’s ability through the name, and that discourages many legal immigrants who are dedicating their grey matter as well as their strength to

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