The Extraordinary Life of a Black Author Alice Walker

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The Extraordinary Life of a Black Author

Alice Walker is a very recognizable black author that some critics think as the strongest author of her time due to how she can express herself. Walker is an author who wrote a joof her life but never expected to share her stories with the world until she was inspired by other authors with similar hardships. Alice Tallulah- Katie Walker is the well-known and respected contemporary African American author of The Color Purple that has been read by millions around the world.

Alice Walker was born on February 9th, 1944 in a town called Eatonton, Georgia (“Biography of Alice Walker”). Alice Walker was the youngest child of her mother Minnie Tallulah Grant Walker and father Willie Lee Walker. Her father supported the family by his farm that brought in about three hundred dollars a year (“Alice Walker”). Her mother helped out a little on the farm and did some work as a part time maid (“Biography of Alice Walker”). At the age of four Alice went to attend school and she was so smart that she got to advance to the first grade (Danielle). Alice attended East Putnam Consolidated schools in Georgia. When Walker was at the age of eight she tragically lost sight in her right eye while playing a game called cowboys and indians with her brothers. Her older brother shot her in the right eye when she was on top of their tin garage roof (Danielle). When Alice was a teenager her mother got very sick and her father started sexually abusing her. She was allowed to go to high school but she had to attend an all black high school at the time (emory “Alice Walker”). Alice graduated as her classes valedictorian and prom queen (poem hunter). Alice's fathers continued with his abuse which was both physically and men...

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...w painful it was for her to have to write this out and tell her story (Clark).

The Color Purple by Alice Walker is still read by so many people today and appreciated to this date by so many around the world. The story connects with many people who had also had a very hard life and the view it and its authors as an inspiration to their own lives. The book placed Alice Walker in an elite group of contemporary authors who took a life of tragedy and hardship and found a way to find peace and forgiveness. Walker won many awards with her brilliant work including the Pulitzer prize. The Color Purple is undoubtedly the best piece of work of her life and some would argue of that it was the best writing of the contemporary period. Alice Walker continues to write daily in her journal and who knows what she may come up with before she finished her wonderful writing career.

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