The Extensive Scope of Practice For the Future Pharmacists and the Pharmacy Profession’s Career Outlook

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Since before I was attending college, I had spent many months deciding which major I should go for. As my ambition was to get a professional career in the medical field, I chose two professions in the healthcare sector. The first one was a pharmacy major, and the other one was physiotherapy major. After studying the advantages and disadvantages of both majors, I decided to choose pharmacy major based on my academic interest in biology, chemistry and botany, and my personal interest to work directly with patients, and to be a part of major innovations in drug therapy. Moreover, the wide spectrum of job opportunities available is the special fascinating characteristic of the pharmacy profession. Now, I am already in my first year of college. I am taking the prerequisite courses to attend Doctor of Pharmacy program. In my opinion, continuous watching of the up-to-date news and information about the pharmacy profession is crucial. Recently, some authors and pharmacists-bloggers write statements and articles regarding the provisions of the lack of job opportunities for pharmacists in the future. Personally, by reading these articles, for a person who is trying to become a pharmacy student, I am wondering what pharmacy career prospects will be once I graduate. The information from those statements and articles are really worrisome and overwhelming. After digging as much information as I can gather from American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Times, American Pharmacists Association, and some news from reliable news agencies, I have learned that there are many different aspects to study wisely in order to discuss about the future role of the pharmacists and the prospect of job market. There are many factors need to be cons...

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...rmD and take these opportunities, and then perfectly perform the responsibilities in improving the life of patients, enhancing the quality of medication treatment, and then reducing healthcare costs.

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