The Expretation Of Religion In The Gay Debate By Matthew Vines

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When looking at religion from an educational perspective, conflicts may arise due to the various interpretations when analyzing religious text. When differing interpretations appear about various topics, this can then lend itself to starting conflict among people with varying opinions. Using the “The Gay Debate” by Matthew Vines as an example, we are able to look at an individual’s interpretation of the Bible regarding the topic of homosexuality and Christianity. When looking at the argument the reader has to break down the strategies used by the speaker to test its validity and then reflect on the possibility for this deductive reasoning to be applied to other arguments. When Vines is debating the issue of homosexuality, he uses an approach that is very direct and methodical. Vines goes through the various scriptures that specifically comment on homosexuality and gives both sides on how they can be interpreted as positive or negative. A specific example of this is…show more content…
However, when looking at the argument presented by Vines, the audience can employ the methods used by Vines to apply to other arguments that arise from the discussion of religion. Vines’ approach to religious conversation is one that is not threating or condemning, but one that is a call for unity and acceptance. Using this form of communication and persuasion is one that would appeal to Christians to Non-Christians or any religious organization to persuade outsiders to look into their religion and its ideology. This idea when looking at other types of conflict would allow for the religious and non-religious to discuss these topics in an effective way that would allow others to learn from those around them by having conversations about various issues and how these issues can be addressed differently from religion to
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