The Explusion Of Academic Success: The Theory Of Success

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Academic Success Holds No Limits The theory of evolution states that only the strong survive. This may be the case, however, the human race is not on the sole mission of survival. We are not put on Earth to live and die in this interminable cycle. We are cognitive human beings, not some oblivious breed of insect, who strive for success whatever that definition may be to us. It is not innate traits that keep us alive, but our intellectual ability to control our own destinies that separate us from any other species. We are an unrestricted race that sees no limitation to our aspirations. Whether it is a physical or mental ambition, humanity’s goals are boundless. Princeton University is imposing a concept that there is a limit to the amount of…show more content…
With the finite amount of resources embodied as exceptional marks, this system impairs the proletarians of an educational institution. Students who are not amongst the upper quartile of their class, but retain noteworthy comprehension of the material they are taught, are being cheated of any academic accolade. What was once a palpable achievement is now a distant illusion of an unattainable goal. The depression of A’s would be detrimental to students both mentally and emotionally. A student who is constantly displaying an apex of effort may still receive low marks. This could crush a student’s self-esteem and remove any incentive that used to be present. The lack of motivation would counter the initial theory that students would be propelled to reach their maximum potential with this…show more content…
The desire of the students to obtain such a scarce achievement would decimate the cohesion as a student body. Malvern’s core Augustinian value of unity would be bombarded. The theme of collaboration would be terminated due to the voracious competition amongst brothers. If this edict were to be enforced it would call for the need of a ranking system. Malvern does not believe in an academic hierarchy because all students are viewed to be equal. Being the prestigious preparatory school that Malvern is, its mission is to not only prepare its students for college, but also groom them for the real world. In today’s workforce, collaboration and cooperation are necessary facets in order to succeed. When A’s are scant, students will denounce their fellowship amongst their peers, and seek out individual interest. Society needs citizens who are willing to benefit the common good over their own personal intentions. The limitation would not just be on the student’s grades. It will limit their future

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