The Exploration Of Scientific Research Journals

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The Exploration of Scientific Research Journals These following sections detail how the writing process worked for the summary poster, infographic, and critique essay. The most challenging part during the middle of the semester came from learning how to incorporate the important aspects of peer-reviewed journals with the assistance of visuals like a summary poster and infographic, and then critiquing how and what those peer-reviewed articles meant. However, with these three projects, my understanding of the writing process and scientific writing changed greatly. Scientific Research Poster With the summary poster project, my writing process was different then how I normally write English papers because it was a different style of scientific writing that I was not used to doing in my previous communication classes. However, this project helped in learning how scientific writing and the writing process greatly affect how and what I will state on a scientific poster. The writing process for this project was completely different than what I had normally had submitted for posters in previous academic courses. As a result of that difference, I learned how to set up a poster in correct scientific flow, and how I can still reveal the important points from a scientific article even with only a few sentences. One of the first steps of the writing process for this poster included looking at examples on the websites provided within the Module named “01/12 Poster Structure” on Blackboard. By looking at examples for how one should organize and display key points of a research study on a poster, I was able to gain a better understanding of what was required from my fellow peers and me to use on our own summary poster. For instance, I was abl... ... middle of paper ... ...people to understand who may not have the same knowledge of the topic I am discussing because they are in a different field of study. For instance, some terms like “stroke” may seem common knowledge to me as a health professions major, but for someone who has not had experience with stroke patients nor learned about strokes in anatomy class, that person may be completely blind sighted by the medical term. Therefore, this project taught me that I may have to adapt how I phase research and what I should include of a research article I am discussing based on who my audience will be. The audience looking reading a visual or an actually paper may be fellow colleagues but it may also be a general audience who do not have the background knowledge. As a result, this project taught me to be cognizant of the audience aspect in the writing process when writing for the sciences.

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