The Experimental Film, Fallen Angels

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The Experimental Film, Fallen Angels This experimental film makes use of a variety of camera shots to create a unique story that is at times funny, at times violent, and at times sad. It follows a man and a woman who are business partners; he is a hit man and she tells him the target. They are attracted to each other, but he does not want to start a relationship for fear it will destroy their business relationship. He finds another girl and in the end decides to end the business relationship because his partner can not get over him. He does, however, agree to one more job, where he ends up getting killed by his target. There is also a parallel story of a young man who earns money by annoying people and his relationship with his father and the girl he likes. He helps this girl look for the woman her boyfriend is cheating on her with and then the girl goes back to her boyfriend. In the end he meets the girl whose partner died and they ride off “into the sunset” on his motorcycle. Although there are two separate storylines that converge in the end, the story seems like it’s prett...

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