The Experience Of A Haunted House

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My Frightening Experience with my First Haunted House When I was younger I couldn’t imagine going to a haunted house with my Uncle Jon, Aunt Sam, and my four cousins Khristian, Jazmine, Felicity, and Lizzie who seem to not be afraid of anything when you were eight years old. I can because it happened to me. It seemed like I was the only one nervous on the drive up to the terrifying haunted house. As we got closer and I could tell this was going to be an eventful night. On October 27th, 2011 I went to a haunted house, the outside didn’t look that scary because it was just this big garage shed that was gray and looked rough. The side of the garage looked irregular because the shed wasn’t painted that well because even in the dark I could see lumps in the paint. There were stands where people worked at stands giving away apple cider, color changing pencils, and of course there are people trying to scare you. I mean what's a haunted attraction without candy. We all piled out of the van. I asked my cousin Khristian, “Is this going to be scary?” He replied sarcastically, “No because ...
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