The Expansion of Technology

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The expansion of technology in this day and age has resulted in a generation that demands new information at a speedy rate. The media plays a vital role in informing the public about politics, campaigns and elections. Although the media comes under a lot of heat for presenting alleged media bias to its followers, what is often put on the back burner is the influence that the media has on the government; and, vice versa the influence that the government has on the media. There is a palpable cyclic relationship between the government, the media, and the public. The media serves as the messenger to the general public and reports back to the public about all that occurs in government. While the media can at times sway public opinion, it works more effectively by placing a spotlight on certain issues it feels the public should be concerned with. By selecting the events that are covered, the media influences what the public perceives as being important. The government, specifically the House of Representatives is responsible for formulation of legislation and attending to the wants of its constituents. Moreover, the media can help set the political agenda by focusing on specific issues and influencing what issues the public and government should be concerned with. The media, can occasionally persuade what matters voters should care about in elections, as well as what criterion the public should evaluate candidates by. Since the media is the public’s main source of information, it can significantly affect a candidates campaign by how it chooses to cover them. The media has the discretion to cover the candidates whom it feels are legitimate and have a possible chance of winning. The media accordingly acts as a sift, narrowing down candid... ... middle of paper ... ... outlets should also be required to cover all candidates towards the beginning of an election for equal time in order to forge the fairest chance of election for all candidates as possible. All these impositions would serve to eliminate a considerable amount of bias in the media along with creating more moderate news channels. The media serves as a double-edged sword that delivers information to the public while at the same time acknowledging the government of the wants of the people. Yet with this great power, abuse of resources is inevitable. This manipulation is in found forms of government bribes to journalists and ownership of firms by political party advocates. Where as the media serves to inform the public of government procedures and link the people to the government, the recipients of news must be prudent of the manner in which this news is portrayed.
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