The Exodus

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465 words

1. The story of the Exodus is the core story of Judaism, and it defines God as the God who frees slaves.
Exodus shows the rebirth of Israel, both physical and spiritual. It presents the story of enslavement in Egypt, wandering the wilderness of Sinai, also the creating of laws and the rules governing worship. The narrative demonstrates how God deliver Israel out of bondage into the Promise Land and God created a covenant with them. Other religions believe this is a tale that demonstrates how “people risk God’s displeasure every time they wander from God’s commands”, (pg. 254). The spiritual impact is that Judaism thinks they possess a special and unique relationship with God, this is the basic belief of the faith. The social implications are the responsibility for each other materially and spiritual condition. The closeness in establishing their own communities. The political implication is a major concern for the Jews, to maintain stability and security of the State of Israel. The Jews are still fighting political …show more content…

Many people believe the Sabbath (Shabbat) is a day of rest, although that is right it not completely true. The Sabbath is a day of remembering and observance. The day helps the Jewish people remember of creation and freedom from slavery in Egypt. Most of the kosher laws can be found in the Hebrew scriptures. Meat is kosher only if it's been prepared in the traditional way. Pork products are not kosher. Meat and milk must be eaten separately. The dietary instructions are “laid out in the biblical book of Leviticus”, (pg. 285).

Orthodox Jews keep the Sabbath and kosher laws to the missive, they watch over every point and direction that are outlined, for example, they will walk to the temple and not use the car, and even unscrew the light bulbs in the refrigerators on the Sabbath. Modern Jews will ignore the restrictions entirely, drive to the synagogue and might attend the Sabbath services on

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the story of the exodus defines god as the god who frees slaves and the rebirth of israel, both physical and spiritual.
  • Analyzes how the concept affects bible times because the jewish people believe they were the only ones chosen to insert into a covenant with god. the concept is talmudic, philosophical, mystical and modern-day judaism.
  • Explains that the sabbath is a day of remembering and observance, which helps the jewish people remember of creation and freedom from slavery.
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