The Existence of Terrorism Throughout History

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The Existence of Terrorism Throughout History The history of terrorism can’t be traced back to a certain time or date. However, there has been a great history in the terrorism timeline. Whether they have been foreign attacks or domestic attacks the United States have been through them all. A bloody and gruesome history is about to unraveled. If one were to talk about the first act of terrorism you might have to take Adam and Eve for example. Seriously if condemning the rest of the human race to a mortal life isn’t consider a terrorism I wouldn’t know what is. Terrorism was never really documented for a long time because no one knew how to define it. I guess one could say the destroying of or taking the live from someone but wouldn’t vandalism and murder be apart of that too? There were so many things that are apart of terrorism that we don’t consider terrorism. So finally terrorism can to where one is able to inflict fear and terror into people. Of course terrorism has been a big part of the United States because, like a movie star, we stick out like a sore thumb....

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