The Existence of God

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We go through life drifting from one superficial disagreement to another without truly ever taking the time to ponder about the meaning of life. Such a question will not be easily resolved but by trying to answer it we stop daydreaming and extend our conception of ourselves while gaining knowledge of the external world (Solomon 10). Unfortunately anyone who attempts to answer that question quickly realizes that it isn’t just one broad question but rather it’s the slogan to an overwhelming amount of enquiries. Out of all possible question the one that has had the most influence on humanity is the notion of whether or not God exists. Philosophers and non-philosophers alike from ancient civilizations to our modern era have contributed their own two cents to the argument. Through the course of the following pages the idea of God will be defined, explained, and defended by the Ontological Argument to ultimately prove that God exists. In the three main Western monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity God is defined as an independent being that transcends humanity and the universe he created. Furthermore God is given the attributes of being a rational moral being that is concerned with the notion of human justice and suffering because of the fact that he is all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere at once (50). Given such characteristics draws criticism and ire considering that on any given day the world as we know it is plagued by death, pain, suffering, and an overall unsatisfactory life. It goes on to say that if God was what he is thought to be and more shouldn’t his power reflect as a utopian world? First of all, before using human suffering as an excuse to deny the existence of God it is necessary to establis... ... middle of paper ... ...ite easy to come to their defense and scoff at those who lacked faith since they were blatantly wrong and who is to say that this couldn’t be the situation in the future? Works Cited "Free Will." Stanford University. Stanford University, 29 October 2009. Web. 26 April 2014 Grzesik, Tadeusz. "Faith And Conscience--The Surest Of Arguments For The Existence Of God." Forum Philosophicum: International Journal For Philosophy 17.2 (2012): 245-268. Religion and Philosophy Collection. Web. 26 Apr. 2014. Kreeft, Peter and Tacelli, Ronald. “Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God.” Intervarsity Press, 1994. Web. 27 April 2014. Monton, Bradley. "Mixed Strategies Can't Evade Pascal's Wager." Analysis 71.4 (2011): 642-645. Religion and Philosophy Collection. Web. 26 Apr. 2014. Saka, Paul. “Pascal’s Wager about God.” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Web. 29 April 2014.

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