The Existence of God

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In answering questions regarding God, the argument from evil is a very peculiar argument. Most of the arguments we deal with will try to prove the existence of god. This argument on the other hand attempts to do the opposite and I really stress on the word attempt. Another reason why I say it is peculiar is because it is not just one argument, but rather a series of three arguments. In my opinion, this argument is quite weak and does not prove what it was intended to prove but rather it does the opposite. I would say that it somewhat opens doors to prove the existence of God. Throughout this essay, my goal is not to prove to you that God exists or doesn't exist, but my goal here today is to provide you with some criticism towards this argument. My plan is to start of with the basics of the argument. For simplicity, I will just present the very last argument when I deal with the critical analysis. After the basics of the argument, I will break it down to what it really means and then I will move on to some rebuttals concerning the argument. Also, I might just state some interesting points that I find significant enough to mention. To get a full grip of the argument, you must first understand two things. At first you might think that these two things are common sense, but let me reassure you, it is really not. Some people may conceive things very differently than an average person. So to make it easy I will describe to you what is meant by God and what is meant by evil. Understanding God is pretty basic but evil isn't as easy because it is broken into 2 categories. First let me describe God because it is the basis of the first premise. In all three arguments, it claims that if God were to exist, then that being must be all powe... ... middle of paper ... ...r this to be true it would mean that at a certain point in time the car was not the fastest. At first the car has to pick up speed and then gradually it will be at its top speed. Perhaps we can say yes that God is All PKG but the reason for the existence of evil is because it will take time for they're to be only good. So eventually in the end there will be no evil, which can prove that God is All PKG. I have just presented the argument from evil and the views of theologians. The argument had three different versions, which I found made if very weak. Having one stable argument is better than having many weak ones. Another problem that I found with the argument is that it could easily be refuted. Although arguments can be deductively valid, it doesn't give a 100 percent guarantee that the conclusion is true and this can be seen here with the argument from evil.

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