The Existence Of Supreme Being: St. Anselm And Thomas Aquinas

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The presence of a Supreme Being is an idea that is as old as mankind. We see the argument for an omnipotent being replicated throughout time by philosophers, leaders, and moral educators. They each have unique ideals and testimonies that provide evidence of a being with moral perfection. Proof there is belief that there is a Supreme Being or God can be exemplified by looking at the ideals of three past philosophers: St. Anselm and Thomas Aquinas St. Anselm, also known as Anselm of Canterbury, was born on 1033 and lived to 1109. He was a very earlier author of many philosophical works. St. Anselm provided proof that there was existence of a Supreme Being or God a lot earlier than many other philosophers even existed. St. Anselm was the creator of the argument called the ‘ontological argument’. This happened to be the shortest and cut to the chase argument based on the proof of God and his existence ever created. This ontological argument is based off of the idea of being, not directly on observation. Trying to proof the existence of a Supreme Being using this argument can be a little risky because Anselm never really mentions evidence that a Supreme Being is in existence. He implies that a Supreme Being is in your mind therefore then it is real. If you think the idea of God in your head then he is real no matter what. This is where a lot of philosophers would try to argue against Anselm to try and prove him wrong, but there is evidence he shares that has people to believe that there is a so-called Supreme Being. Anselm argues that if God exists in your thought then he will exist in reality. He shows how he is a firm believer in the “thought” of God. Anselm has the power to make us think logically about the existence ... ... middle of paper ... ...o argue against David Hume’s statements and judgments against God. Throughout all these arguments by these philosophers for and against the Proof of God, I still firmly believe that there is Proof of a Supreme Being. I say this because there is way more evidence as to why there is Proof of God. Just look outside. By doing this you see the grass outside and the trees. That right there should tell you that there is Proof of God. Today in modern technology you can just buy seeds for trees and grass, but how did that happen in the first place? How were you able to even know that grass and trees existed? That is because of God. He is the creator of all of that. He created the earth and us. People who believe that there is no Proof of God are not looking at all the details in life. You cannot see God right now, but he is the one who was the cause of everything.

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