The Evolution of the Modern Woman as seen in Roald Dahl's 'Witches'

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When looking at women over the past two centuries, and comparing them to the modern women of today, it becomes obvious that major changes have occurred. Changes such as the Industrial Revolution; where women were brought into the working force and the Women's Rights Movement; which began and increased voting among women. This eventually led to the opportunity for women to hold a position in the government and eventually the independence of a woman as well as a greater equality within society. Today women have the opportunity to run for president, raise a family on their own as a single mother, and hold a high-status position in a company. The representation of women in "The Witches" is seen in three different views in which reflect upon women in today's society. Roald Dahl empowers these women through; an independent, wise and nurturing woman revealed in the grandmother; a vindictive, compassionless power-hungry woman reflected upon the witches; and last a prissy, prudish and sophisticated woman embodied in Mrs. Jenkins. The stereotypical aspects shown through these women demonstrate how they can be viewed as women of today's society. In comparing these three forms of women Roald Dahl displays in the story, one can also notice that some similarities arise whether or not the outcome or consequences differ.

An exceptionally independent woman who is extremely protective of the things she loves. The grandmother is depicted as a very empowered, wise, and loving woman who-as Dahl points out- shows this through the acceptance of her grandson whom she takes in, no questions asked, "He has asked me to take care of you for as long as I live, but he has also asked that I take you back to your own house in England..." (Dahl, pg.34...

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...l, if it hadn't been for the Industrial Revolution, The Women's Right's Movement and feminine power; Roald Dahl would not have been able to accomplish representing these women with such empowerment throughout the narrative. Despite the differences these women detained in "The Witches", minor similarities were also perceptible. In regards to this, women are now able to live a life of equality and with many opportunities in the 21st century regardless of how prudish, wealthy, powerful, compassionless or wise one may be.

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