The Evolution of Federal Healthcare

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For what reasons were Medicare and Medicaid formed in the United States? Medicare was initially amended along with Medicaid and social security in the mid 1960’s. The motive behind this Act was to ensure that all people of America either elderly, poor, or both would be able to receive health care. Lyndon B. Johnson was the President to sign this bill in 1965. He was clearly in all favor of this program and congress undoubtedly agreed as well because it was passed by them as well. These Medicare and Medicaid programs are able to provide many needy Americans with benefits they could not acquire. Whether they are at least the age of sixty-five and retired or too poor to pay for health care, then they are more than likely eligible. Motives for this bill was initially formed to aid elderly people qualify for Medicare and social security if they could not provide it for themselves. There are four parts to the Medicare system, Medicare part A, B, C, and D. Medicare part A that is mot well known, which is being at least the age of sixty-five or disabled will qualify someone. Part B removes the age limit, this offers a very reasonable monthly price for people that are not insured through work or family members insurance. Then for part C and D they are specific combinations of part A and B for certain circumstances in hospital situations. It all revolves around social security for the most part. If one qualifies for Social security they are going to qualify for Medicare as well. Qualifications for social security mostly include, being over the age of 65, blind, or disabled. Then also in some circumstances limited pay, and limited resources can qualify a person for social security but those are mostly people covered by Medicaid. On the oth... ... middle of paper ... ...instead of using it for needed help. The only thing that can be done is for the Health care bill to be changed for the benefit of the country as whole instead of individual benefit. Works Cited David L. Bender, Bruno Leone. The Health Crisis. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1989. Gariepy, Jennifer. Social Welfare. Wylie : Thomson Gale, 2004. Hargrove, Jim. Encyclopedia of Presidents: Lyndon B. Johnson. Chicago: Children's Press Chicago, 1987. twight, Charlotte. "Medicare's orgin: the economics and politocs of dependancy." The Cato Journal, 1997: 25. Hargrove, Jim. Encyclopedia of Presidents. Chicago: Regensteiner Publishing Enterprises, 1987. Kronewetter, Micheal. Welfare State America. New York : Library of Congress Cataloging-in publication, 1993. Wexler, Barbra. The Health Care System. Wylie: Thomson Gale, 2005.
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