The Evolution Of Sacred Paint

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The evolution of sacred paint, a legendary tale passed down through many generations, and its usage in traditional and contemporary Indigenous ceremonies were among the first things I learned through this cultural experience. Homogenization of Indigenous cultures definitely disparages the diversity of these nations; however, generations of colonization and assimilation policies like the Indian Act (1876) and the Sixties Scoop, as discussed in class, have led to the loss of culture and traditional ways. Such being the case, revitalization is only possible with the collective sharing of knowledge between tribes and Indigenous inks, as they were used by many nations, provide this common link and the potential to generate and expand Indigenous knowledge. Present day, this sacred paint is referred to as red ochre paint in English while Onaman represents it in the Ojibway or Anishinaabe language and Wanaman represents it in the Cree or Nehiyaw language. Inclusive of all cultures even in its title, this ceremony and its organizers were extremely accommodating to my unfamiliarity and inexpe...
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