The Evil within Roger Chillingworth

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne represents a man of the name Roger Chillingworth who has suffered and subdued every pain a man can handle. His life starts out as a simple man married to a young women who goes by Hester Prynne, They are planning to move to the “New World” while as Hester Prynne ventures to the new world, Roger Chillingworth is wrapping things up back home. Hester awaits Roger’s arrival for two years and now is pronounced dead at sea. Hester is now faced with the guilt of adultery the ultimate sin and her lover Arthur Dimmesdale the minister of the church. Roger is then discovered alive and well being as he was captured by the native americans, and this is where Roger Chillingworth discoveries Hester Prynne with a strange infant in her arms.She was on a scaffold being presented with the sins she committed. As Roger heard the unbearable truth of her sins his heart was broken and seeked revenge for the father.
Roger Chilling was is in disarray his only goal was finding the father and make him suffer for the rest of his life. “strange disarray of civilized and s...

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