The Evil Nature Of King Claudius In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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The popular dramatic play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare in 1603, delves into the mind of King Claudius and the evils that have taken over and poisoned his ambitions with his search for money wealth and power. To achieve this quality of life that he desired, King Claudius goes as far as to murder his own brother. As a result of his evil doing, he inherits the “primal eldest curse” of Cain and Abel, and his actions poison and ruin his relationships with other characters, including his relationship with Prince Hamlet, who had become depressed since the death of his father. When a ghost of his father appears to Hamlet and informs him of the true cause of his death the evil nature of Kin Claudius is revealed. This essay will analyze how the venom…show more content…
He was left questioning how the surrounding characters in his life were able to move forward from the tragedy so quickly. The queen had already remarried his uncle within two months of the death, and his uncle even dared to scold Hamlet for continuing to mourn for his lost father. In his depressed state of mind, Hamlet was eager to discover the cause of the apparition, whom his friend Horatio claimed to be the departed king. When a person dies, his or her soul is thought to be naturally taken out of this world to another resting place, never returning back to earth. Because King Hamlet’s death was not natural, however, his spirit was forced to roam the human world once again as a ghost, in hopes of bringing knowledge about the true cause of his death. King Hamlet planned to reveal this information to his son (also named Hamlet) to get revenge against his Uncle Claudius because he was the one responsible for the murder. After Prince Hamlet found company with the ghost, who was indeed the deceased king, Hamlet’s father’s ghost explained that “upon (his) secure hour thy uncle stole with juice of cursed hebona in a vial and in the porches of (his) ears did pour” (32). Upon hearing the truth that his father had been poisoned by his uncle, Prince Hamlet vowed to reveal the guilt of King Claudius and the evil that lived within…show more content…
It was the greed of King Claudius and his want for the power, wealth, and wife of his older brother that initially fueled the evil in his heart. His desperation and actions to then acquire what he desired led to the death of many characters around him, and eventually his own death as well. Every character ended up worse off as a result of his greed. Shakespeare teaches the reader a valuable life lesson in telling the tragedy of Hamlet. That lesson is that people are more able to live in harmony with one another if each person lives their lives happy with what they have. Shakespeare also uses the example of Hamlet to illustrate that the corruptness of one person can poison the character of others around them. In short, along with avoiding greed, all people should live life aware of the seven deadly sins, and live accordingly to avoid them at all

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