The Events That Changed Military Technology

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Military technology and strategies have constantly evolved throughout history. However, within the last few centuries, the world has seen warfare evolve at such a rapid rate, that it seems no two wars are fought the same. With ever-changing technologies, soldiers’ duties and skills have had to adapt along with them. Yet, soldiers are not the only ones who have been affected by changes in warfare. With the emergence of the Napoleonic and World Wars, the people of a given country became involved in an effort known as a “total war.” As World War II came to an end though, the major powers in the world would never again get into a “total war.” All in all, many technological advances and tactics, in recent history, have dramatically changed the way wars are fought. The events that have seen a dramatic change in technology and/or warfare are as follows: the Industrial Revolution, the Napoleonic wars, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War (Buzard, 2006). One of the greatest advancements of warfare came during the age of Napoleon Bonoparte. Napoleon had imperialistic goals, and he believed that nothing would stop him from achieving those goals. He used every resource necessary to conquer the lands he desired. Napoleon did so by uniting France for his cause. He instilled tremendous nationalism throughout France, and before long, everyone was on board with his imperialistic plans. The French believed that they were the best of the best, and so when France would go to war, Napoleon had the full support of the people. This was an ingenious strategy, and it has become known as a “total war” effort. Some consider this a watershed in military history as the true beginning of modern warfare. One aspect of “total war... ... middle of paper ... ...ied, and all efforts there seemed to have been futile. However, one purpose the war did serve was educating America as to how to fight an opponent that uses guerrilla warfare tactics. All in all, Vietnam was another war that brought about new technologies and tactics. Like the Industrial Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars, the World Wars, Vietnam was another watershed in history that changed the way wars are fought. With each new technology, warfare tactics must adapt to keep up. The Industrial Revolution and Napoleonic wars helped launch a breed of warfare called, “total war,” whereas the creation of the Atomic Bomb at the end of World War II ended the idea of “total war” in 1st world countries. All things considered, the events and wars of the last few centuries have caused for adaptations in the way wars are fought both on and off the battlefield (Buzard, 2006).
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