The Evaluation of Dante

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The creation of inspirational tales gives people the faith and strength to continue their way of life. In the Divine Comedy, it contains stories that were written from Dante’s experiences and ideas. Through his writings, he uses some of the most well-known people from myths or previous times to show that their existence were created for a reason. These characters play a great role in changing the world and even until now these stories still exist in the minds of many people. To keep these stories from fading, Dante provides a new view in the changes and existence that provides readers to keep believing in these legends. From the readings of Inferno and Paradiso, the presence of spiritual legends leading Dante through his adventure makes it easier to understand the meanings of these character’s roles. In the story, Dante creates his own world through imagination and the use of beliefs to demonstrate the different ways people view the universe. With the inclusion of his three main theories found throughout his writing, it helps define the true meanings and reasons why these legends were chosen to be used as the settings in his story. One of the theories of Dante was the combining of the ways people viewed other religions with Christian beliefs because several others have tried it before too. The next theory was that Christian stories about being free of sins were used as symbolical meanings, while the third theory was Dante wanted to express the political and religious issues that existed during his time. By referencing from these three theories, examples from the Divine Comedy will be used to analyze whether these interpretations have similar meanings to Dante’s point of view. First, the theory of combining two different views ca... ... middle of paper ... ...fs and morals shows the comparison and contrast of these groupings. The next theory that Christian stories have strong symbolical meanings provides a reader knowledge and understanding that these legends were not meaningless. In the third theory about the political and religious issues during his time, it demonstrates the complications that people struggled with. These theories contain some sense of reality and use of famous legends that continue to ring with truth. In order to interpret these ideas, the world of Dante was created to give readers and insight of how these happenings may have started in the first place. According to Dante’s interpretations, it contributes to the existence of these tales and the continuance of a person’s belief. The Divine Comedy was one of the works of Dante that was known to bring inspiration from a religious and creative experience.

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