The European Union Has No Grand Strategy

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A profusion of scholarly works and articles regret that the European Union does not develop a grand strategy and militate to confer an enhanced military dimension on the EU. These views imply that the European Union has no grand strategy or has an inadequate one. However, this conclusion does not fit with all existing conceptions regarding grand strategy. In the meantime, people seem more inclined to accept that NATO has a grand strategy. Additionally, increasing the military dimension of the European Union as some promoters vehemently advocate would disturb the balance and cooperation existing between the EU and NATO. Such shift towards power politics has the potential to affect the international order inasmuch as the European Union would relinquish the historical direction, cooperative in nature, which ensured its success. Moreover, the EU would most certainly force states such as Russia to reconsider embracing politics of balance of power. Russia has indeed historically and regularly shown some defiance towards military neighbors it deemed too strong. These observations inspired and initiated this study. They lead to the two following questions that guided the analysis. Do the European Union and NATO have grand strategies? If yes, what are these grand strategies and what are their possible impacts on the international order? Answering these questions required, first, to understand grand strategy. In chapter 1, the study began by scrutinizing the concept of grand strategy, which is historically intimately intertwined with the concept of strategy. Rigorous investigations into the nature and history of strategy combined with the application of different lenses on the canon of work of recognized authorities in the field ... ... middle of paper ... ...ion. EU’s founding fathers sought peace and stability in Europe through the interdependence of European nations. They constructed a community of interests based on a close economic cooperation. Nevertheless, the European Union is not only internally focused and is an active actor on the international stage. The EU strives to shape its immediate environment, as well as the international environment through its policy of enlargement, the promotion of norms and values, and by providing by the example of its unique organization an alternative to classical interstate relations. The media conveying these measures build upon the European Union treaties, policies, laws, strategies, and actions to constitute the grand strategy of the EU. Both NATO and EU grand strategies as defined passed the test of the six criteria and, therefore, deserve their label of grand strategy.
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