The Eu As A Forum With Centralization And Independence

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Consequently, the EU as a forum with centralization and independence embodied within it acts accordingly to the crisis. Their efforts on helping the needy can be seen through the new enactment of human right, the idea of borderless Europe, and the EU agreement with Turkey. In 2015, the EU introduces a new European Agenda for Migration and it has called for all member states to work together in dealing with the crisis. This includes saving the live at the sea, targeting criminal smuggling network, responding to the influx of refugees by relocate, resettle them, prevention of hazardous journey, and hasten the asylum seekers procedure. In addition, they allocate $60 million Euro for the refugees Emergency Funding. The EU serves a positive result seeing how the member states could cooperate and work together in order to solve the crisis despite of the negative response previously, given the forum is claimed to be unimportant by the realists. Having said that, the idea of borderless Europe remains a question. If they are faithful to help, then what with the new implementation on checking the passport whenever a traveler reaches different country within European continent? Fear of rebel groups might be the best explanation by most scholars. However, viewing the situation from a constructivist perspective, this mainly in regard of culture and norms. Considering that 99% of Syrian refugees are Muslims, the compliant countries that would want to help also have to adjust their upbringings like serving Halal food for them and also if they are to hire them, they had to properly explain that the wearing of Niqab is not allowed and the employer themselves have to understand and loosen the rule that Hijab is however, a must for Muslim women. To... ... middle of paper ... one to another. In that, it makes the pursue of self-interest highly difficult to be achieved by any of them. In addition, given that the EU is also made up of great powers like France and Germany, theoretically, they do not have to fulfill any appeal and be responsible for the refugees that are not even beneficial to them, especially when they have not step in their lands yet. Besides, the fact that the refugees would affect the sociodemographic and economy obviously chase their interest to help. Given these facts, it is highly irresponsible to justify that the EU’s action is all set up just impress a certain side. Conclusion In conclusion, IOs are not only forums for states to pursue their interest as argue by realists, but also significantly important in maintaining world peace and order so as to prevent further imbalance of power among nations of the world.

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