The Ethics Of Business Ethics In Business?

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In order to address the issue of right or wrong, the crucial starting point for business is the question of whether companies are actors who have to make decisions beyond simply producing goods and services on a profitable basis. The point is, if organizations are providing us great products and services to fulfill our needs and desires, hire best human resource to produce them and pay taxes on time, aren’t they are making a noticeable contribution to the society or do corporations have a moral responsibility, similar to what we as individuals have towards the society? Are organizations bound by a business conduct or ‘business ethics’ to keep practicing in the world? Questions on how to manage employees fairly, what are ethical responsibilities towards society, or what continues deception in advertising, are of equal importance for organizations such as Greenpeace, any democrat party; as they are for Volkswagen, Nestle, or Cadbury’s.

What are business Ethics?
Business ethics, it has been claimed, is an Oxymoron (Collins,1994). This simply suggests that there are not, or cannot be, ethics in the business (i.e., business is intrinsically bad). Till date, numerous scandals such as exploiting sweatshop workers, bribing government officials,
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The concept of economic sustainability focuses on economic performance of any business house i.e., the idea is to develop, produce and market those products and services which focuses on macroeconomics i.e., long term economic performance of the organization like, rise in share price, larger market shares and revenues. Paying bribes to government officials or building cartels to enjoy monopoly or avoiding to pay corporate taxes through accounting tricks, can be considered for an organization to behave in an irrelevant
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